Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its that time again! Gardening!!!

WOOHOO Spring has sprung. What could be better then 74 degrees, freshly tilled dirt and little ones playing or working beside you. This is the life I am tellin' ya. Yesterday we rented a tiller, ours is too small for such a big job and my wonderful hubby tilled all day long. I got up milked the goats, and went to work in the garden with weeds right away and Jaryn thought he should help practice eating vegetables although it wasn't the veggies he was eating obviously :o). The kids were such awesome helpers raking and getting out clumps of weeds. I think they really enjoy this life. Micah said that he never wants to move EVER. We planted plum trees and a couple blueberry plants. Today we will be transplanting strawberries, planting peas, kale, lettuce, brocolli and carrots. YEAH!!

Until next time!

Sorry about the pictures being off center I have no idea how to load these correctly. :o)


trishfitz said...

Ohhhh, my babies are growing up! :( It's bittersweet, seeing Josiah and Tim in the background, looking like young men out in the field. With the girls enjoying God's green earth. How precious!

I am so proud of you! You are living your "farm girl" dream.

We love the pic of Jaryn, being happy as he can be eating a lil' dirt! Don't worry Jer-Jer, you'll never be mineral deficient!

I love you guys so much! Love, Auntie.

My Open Nest said...

I love your gardening photos and your whole blog. I found you through Above Rubies. I live in the suburbs, but have been enjoying square foot gardening. God bless.. Dana

Natalie said...

Michelle, I love reading your blog. I start to crave the big family and and a country life. I get tears reading what you have to say about your kids, that's what I'm looking for in my life, lots of love in the house and noises that will never die.