Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Favorite Season is almost here! WOOHOO!!

Ok I guess I can say there is no excuse for me not updating the blog except laziness.

Things have been crazy lately. As you can imagine with a family of 9. But let's just say there is never a dull moment.
I was looking at Jaryn last night and as I was holding him I felt this deep appreciation for this little life of 9 months old now. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have these precious lil ones.
Yes, there are overwhelming days but oh the joy I feel is even more overwhelming.
And teens? Who ever said they are horrible. I am SOOO enjoying mine. They are like friends I get to talk to and hang out with. What a wonderful blessing they are in my life. I can't figure out why teens aren't popular amongst many adults. I have so much fun with mine.
When I am at the grocery store I get tired of the comments of " ughhh teens I can't wait until mine are out of the house only 3 more years and counting". I am thinking, NO WAY do I want my teens out of the house. Infact I hope they can just build on and stay here with their wives, husbands and we can all live together.

Goat babies are due next week. Oh what fun!! It's my favorite season. I have 4 does bred this year so we will have a slew of babies and gallons and gallons of milk. YEAH HA!
Would you believe with all this milk I have only made cheese once? Problem is that it didn't turn out. So again this year I suppose.

I am missing all my farm animals. My cows mostly. But am content that I at least keep my goats in this hard times. After all they pay their way, as the hens do also.