Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sibling Joy!

It is so precious to watch the little ones play together. I just love watching the three little ones make believe they are mommy and daddy and sister or brother. A nd the way they treat their little new brother is wonderful. Josiah and Micah are still afraid he will break if they hold him. Its funny Josiah gets a really weird worried look on his face when he holds him.
Elianah thinks he is UNBREAKABLE. She wants to carry him around now. N OT! But it is so cute to see her so enthusiastic about being a big sister.

We haven't had much going on lately except gardening and taking care of the new little one.
Its time to start doing some camping and we are planning on going camping this weekend. Well I guess if you consider going down the street one mile camping. My parents own a lot and we will go there works great because then we can come back and milk the goats and then go back to the camp site.
Other wise Chrissie (our goat) would explode. We have been trying to dry her up but she is still giving us a gallon a day. What I hate about milking most is when I turn around to get the grain for the other goats just after I got done milking I look over and there she is with a white mustache sucking up every last drop of the milk I just milked from her. WEIRD goat.

I will update with something hopefully more exciting soon. :o) but for now this is all I have.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Girls in training!

Well the girls are doing well with the baby. We have a slight issue however, sibling rivalry revolved around the new addition. They stopped fighting over toys and started fighting over who gets to change, hold and cuddle Jaryn. Poor Jaryn I am afraid he is destined to be coddled over by his two big sisters.
So they are learning some very important lessons:
1. how to diaper and change a baby's clothes with the added lesson on changing baby boys and how NOT to get sprayed. We are trying to teach Jaryn there is a "NO SPRAY" rule in our house. Hasn't got that one down yet though.
2. how to bathe a baby
3. how to feed a baby
4. and finally how to get along and not fight over their baby brother. (this one obviously is not mastered yet).

Well off to train some more and school the kids. We are learning gardening, planets and greek/hebrew words in the bible. And ohhh lets not forget the ever tiring LOOOOONG division in Math. UGHHHH. I am not sure who is more frusterated the boys or me. :o)

I thank God for these wonderful blessings daily!! We are truly blessed with the best gift ever.

Oh one more thing as far as training goes, Yes Elianah is in training. For what? keeping clothing on that is! We are trying to teach modesty and how NOT to need to air out every hour.
A work in progress.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time To Garden!!

Awww, don't you love it? Getting dirt between your fingernails and the fresh air? I have been waiting for what seems like forever to finish my garden.
We had a great day yesterday pulling weeks and planting veggies. Oh, and Elianah had a great time pulling plants that were already grown.
How do you explain to a 2 year old which are weeds and which are veggies? EEKS!
So let's just say I lost some radishes and some peas and a brocolli plant here and there.

The girls were playing in the pasture as I kept gardening and we got some cute pictures of them enjoying God's earth in the tall grass.

Jaryn well of course he didn't like the fact that all the attention was not on him anymore so Kayla and I took turns holding this precious little life while the other got to garden.
He finally fell asleep when we were close to being done. :o)

The boys were a HUGE help. Micah even took part in weeding. They thought it was cool to put on surgical gloves to weed.

Our garden is nearly in and we will get to enjoy our bountiful harvest. I am so looking forward to it.

Happy Gardening!!