Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why in the world would I want 7 children?

Kayla and Keena

Twice last week I was asked almost rudely "Why would you want 7 children?" One man was a christian who has 5 of his own grown children. WHAT?!! Since when do people with large families judge others with larger families.
Haven't these people heard especially those that read the bible that children are a blessing from God. Why would I deny these blessings. Doesn't everyone like gifts? I know I do, and what could be better then the gift of a child? The bible says they are a gift from the Lord!
Why I wanted a large family:
1. Because God calls them a blessing and a gift
2. Because I enjoy almost every minute of being able to talk, play with and watch them grow.
3. Because they bring me joy
4. Because I enjoy nurturing them and their hearts
5. Because its fun to sit around the table with that many people and know that they are mine :o)
6. Because you always have wonderful noise in your home.
7. Because Its never boring
8. Because you have more helpers
9. Because they bring your marriage closer together
10. And its fun just plain fun to watch them grow into wonderful teens
and the list goes on.
Who wouldn't want a large family is what I have to ask? While I respect the fact that most only want 2 children, I wish more people would respect my decision to enjoy the many I have. Two or twelve doesn't matter each one is a gift.
So here are just a few reasons why I want a large family in case your wondering :o)


trishfitz said...

I can think of 7 perfect reasons to have 7 children:
1.Kayla Caresse
2.Timothy Paul
3.Josiah Nicholas
4.Micah Joseph
5.Hope Talitha
6.Elianah Grace
7.Jaryn Wesley

Sorry, if any middle names are misspelled.

I understand how you feel, even when I say I have 4 kids, people look at me strange. It happened to John and I today. I just smile and let them know how each of them is such a blessing from God.

Who gets to decide how many kids are too many anyway? Or how about too few? (I'm not talking about people who abuse or hurt their kids, here. That's totally different!) If God is the Author and giver of life who am I to say Stop or judge how much He blesses others?

Well, that IMHO. Lots of Love, Trish

Nikki Sipe said...

I was just listening to a Christian talk radio show on this very people think it is strange to have a large family. I think it is great and a TRUE blessing from God. My husband and I have struggled to have a family and we just adopted our first child. She IS a gift from God. May God continue to bless our family!

Andie said...

Congratulations on your large family. You are truly blessed, and I love the nurturing heart you have towards your children and marriage. I would LOVE to be in a position to garden on the scale I see here on your blog! It looks fantastic!