Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow AGAIN! Goat kids yeah!

Ok, more snow? This is one long winter. Last week it was sunny and I was thinking it was time to rototill our garden so I can plant some pees. Then we get the wonderful and at the same time dreadful snow.
As a matter of fact its Monday morning and its snowing right now. :o)

Well we had 6 goat kids so far. 4 bucklings and 2 doelings. Friday was the day of poor goat kid torture where we dehorned and casterated. Luckily my friend Corina came by to help. Corina I couldn't have done it without you girl.

On another note the time has changed and I am ready for Spring and Summer although its going by fast do you believe Kayla is graduating in May? My lil baby is almost 18 years old.
She will be starting running start at the college in fall to take some acting classes and maybe photography.
She is planning on becoming a wife and mother someday so at this time those are her goals. However she does want to write from home, and perhaps publish her own book someday.
You oughta read her stuff. Its pretty good, and I am amazed because we are pretty relaxed homeschoolers.

The boys are doing great at their guitar and building things. They are SUCH a help on the farm.
Timothy help Chrissie our top milker deliver kids last week ALL by himself. I did not do a thing except tell him what to do next. It went very well I was very proud because Chrissie had a HUGE 10 lbr buckling first. And then out came a beautiful white/cream doeling who we are keeping for milk next year.
Timothy has been bottle feeding two kids and he gets the money for all the bucklings we sell.

Alright lil Jaryn is telling me to get off the computer and pay him some attention.

Until next time,