Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its that time again! Gardening!!!

WOOHOO Spring has sprung. What could be better then 74 degrees, freshly tilled dirt and little ones playing or working beside you. This is the life I am tellin' ya. Yesterday we rented a tiller, ours is too small for such a big job and my wonderful hubby tilled all day long. I got up milked the goats, and went to work in the garden with weeds right away and Jaryn thought he should help practice eating vegetables although it wasn't the veggies he was eating obviously :o). The kids were such awesome helpers raking and getting out clumps of weeds. I think they really enjoy this life. Micah said that he never wants to move EVER. We planted plum trees and a couple blueberry plants. Today we will be transplanting strawberries, planting peas, kale, lettuce, brocolli and carrots. YEAH!!

Until next time!

Sorry about the pictures being off center I have no idea how to load these correctly. :o)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why in the world would I want 7 children?

Kayla and Keena

Twice last week I was asked almost rudely "Why would you want 7 children?" One man was a christian who has 5 of his own grown children. WHAT?!! Since when do people with large families judge others with larger families.
Haven't these people heard especially those that read the bible that children are a blessing from God. Why would I deny these blessings. Doesn't everyone like gifts? I know I do, and what could be better then the gift of a child? The bible says they are a gift from the Lord!
Why I wanted a large family:
1. Because God calls them a blessing and a gift
2. Because I enjoy almost every minute of being able to talk, play with and watch them grow.
3. Because they bring me joy
4. Because I enjoy nurturing them and their hearts
5. Because its fun to sit around the table with that many people and know that they are mine :o)
6. Because you always have wonderful noise in your home.
7. Because Its never boring
8. Because you have more helpers
9. Because they bring your marriage closer together
10. And its fun just plain fun to watch them grow into wonderful teens
and the list goes on.
Who wouldn't want a large family is what I have to ask? While I respect the fact that most only want 2 children, I wish more people would respect my decision to enjoy the many I have. Two or twelve doesn't matter each one is a gift.
So here are just a few reasons why I want a large family in case your wondering :o)