Thursday, July 17, 2008

Farm life!

Farm life AWWW its so peaceful and wonderful! Sometimes I wake up and feel like I am in a dream. My house is nothing special its small for our family but oh I LOVE IT!!! It needs new floors, new cupboards etc but what could be better then waking up with a rooster crowing or a goat yelling to be milked. As I walk outside to milk my wonderful Chrissie (Lamancha goat) I hear the birds chirping as I look at the rolling hills with nice green trees all around. The wind gently blowing and I have my milk bucket in tow.
I sit down and wash my goat and sit next to her with the smell of fresh straw or shavings from the barn. (Well most the time its fresh). I milk and get the music of birds in the background and the sound of the goats eating peacefully.
I walk over to feed our hungry chickens after I take the milk inside and collect the eggs that will be for breakfast or lunch.
Later that day I go collect some fresh peas and lettuce for lunch and then back to the garden in the evening for some Kale.
My children helping me all the while. Elianah is a farm girl at heart. She loves to ride horses, loves to feed the goats and collect and ugh ughm break the eggs :o) but she is my little helper.
Sometimes I need to remind myself that she is helping me and not making my job harder on purpose. :o) Awww two year olds. What a blessing they really are if you can look past some of the negative things.
Awww life on a farm I wouldn't have it any other way, I wouldn't trade it for what some think we should have such as a bigger house or better cars, this is my dream!! Thank the Lord!!

Here are some pictures of our wonderful pets and food producers. And a picture of my dream cow that we had to sell just recently. I so miss her.