Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can you spell HOT?!

Record breaking 101 degrees here in Western WA. Pfew!!! I thought I would get a quick pic of the kids in the pool. Josiah 14, Hope 6, Elianah 3 and Jaryn 14 mo.

Yesterday I spend a couple hours picking beans, snapping them and making dilly beans mmmm. It was VERY hot though but I accomplished about 10 jars of them so far. Today well... its just too hot to can anymore. Hopefully the beans I picked will live a little longer so as not to go to waste.

There is an issue that is important to me that I would like to bring up. It has the potential to negatively impact small farms and local food sources.
It is a vital important issue if you want to keep food local and safe, especially for our children. I have a small hobby farm and it could effect that as well.
Please consider looking at this issue.

Please consider taking the time to call your representatives and vote no for HR2749.

Stay cool!!!

Sorry about the pics. I can't figure out how to line them up properly. GERG!!! and Jaryn is demanding me to get of the computer. :O)

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FarmSchooler said...

You dont have to CAN your beans. Ferment them.

Christian wife and 19th year WWOL homeschool mom of 6 in Oklahoma

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